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Studio RHE are an architectural studio who specialise in building sustainable, bold and innovative residential, leisure and workplace environments.

Studio RHE aim to deliver surprising, unusual, innovative and sustainable responses to every project they undertake. With this in mind they asked us to create a bold digital expression of their brand that ignites the audiences’ imagination as to what’s possible in architecture and design while demonstrating their credentials and depth of work.

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Building Beyond

We worked with the Studio RHE team to establish the key design principles for their new digital experience. On-site immersion and several workshop sessions helped inform our strategy and define our creative brief. 

To create something truly unique, we tapped into the brand’s key differentiator: innovative thinking and progress. We set out creating a digital experience that was unique in its interaction design but also how it connected with the audience.

The final result is an immersive experience that’s curated, seamless, dynamic and optimistic. We wanted the new site to promote story-telling, a place where customers can explore and find inspiration.

Highlighting the brand’s design expertise.

Studio RHE a future-focused company whose advantages are its expertise, craftsmanship, authenticity, and originality. In order to create a true expression of the brand these key pillars deserved their own moments on the site all encompassed under the new brand expression of 'Building Beyond'. 

One of the main requirements from day 1 was to create an experience that felt less like a traditional website and more like a high-end book. From stunning emotive media transporting visitors across the globe to the use of typography as a graphical feature to aid story-telling - this all this helped create a true differentiator while highlighting the key design principles Studio RHE. 

We enjoyed working with Outpost who seamlessly created our totally refreshed new wesbite which immediately won Website of the Day on Awwwards.
Richard Hywel Evans, Director

Creating a seamless experience

A highly flexible modular design system was developed for the main editorial content, enabling the editorial team to fully reflect site's magazine inspired layouts with relevant content. Horizontal scrolling and seamless page transitions also elevated the experience, guiding visitors across the site making human interaction as effortless as possible. The design language was also perfectly optimized for mobile ensuring the brand was still expressed well on smaller screens while ensuring the functionality was maintained across the site.

Going beyond the web

To co-inside with the launch of the new website we created a printed book which echoed the design philosophy of the digital experience. The book explores Studio RHE's extensive portfolio of work continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and what people think is possible - Building Beyond.