Future Green Steps

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Future Green Steps helps businesses and institutions provide a fully-managed network of EV charging solutions to their end-users.

These EV-charging solutions enable organisations to plan sustainable investment in their decarbonisation efforts through a managed-service model. From a wider business perspective, the biggest challenges we had to solve for Future Green Steps were two-fold. Firstly, the brand identity had to promote authority and credibility – positioning Future Green Steps as established and knowledgeable brand in a fast growing market sector. And, secondly, it was important to differentiate them from  basic ‘installers’ – in a highly fragmented market not renowned for its stability or corporate maturity.


After an extensive design consultation process with the client we settled on the solid creative platform of basing all brand and digital assets around the principles of progress, connection and simplicity.

This would cement the organisation’s position as an innovative, flexible and nimble commercial partner. As well as giving them the confident, assured brand identity it needed to work hard to position themselves as an established and large organization which audiences could trust and rely on – rather than simply a ‘new tech start-up’.

A step forward

The logo marque is an abstract interpretation of the 'steps' 
on the journey and is designed to embody Future Green Steps brand attributes as an activator, connector and catalyst for its customers. The colour palette, typefaces, imagery and even the stationery compositions are all designed to embody a sense of optimism, energy 
and innovation.

Investing in tomorrow

For the website we wanted to stand out from the crowd and establish Future Green Steps as a major player in the market. To do that we wanted to build our entire interaction model around the concept of 'steps' thereby linking directly to the brand and the journey's their customers take towards sustainability.